Cardo scala rider

Cardo Systems is a world leader in Bluetooth motorcycle communications - a market it invented 13 years ago. Cardo has been reinventing the market ever since with the introduction of long-range motorcycle intercom in 2011, Mesh Communication in 2014 and Natural Voice Operation in 2017. The company controls a leading share of the industry and sells its products to avid motorcyclists in over 80 countries. Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) is an always-on, self-healing, network in which all devices continuously work together to keep the signal going and ensure all riders remain connected - automatically. We invented Dynamic Mesh to solves all the worst problems of Bluetooth communications, and created an intercom that actually gets better with each additional rider - up to 15 riders in total over a distance of up to 8 Km! With more than 200,000 DMC units already on the market, nothing comes close or sounds as good as Cardo’s Mesh-enabled communicators. The Cardo product line also offers the widest variety of models to ensure that you will find one to fit your individual needs.