Capital Degree College

Incentives Students showing outstanding performance in matriculation examination cane enjoy free education at Capital Degree College. Students may be awarded shield and cash prizes for showing extra ordinary performance. Various societies of the students are formed to organize seminars functions and social get together. Study / Pleasure Trips From time to time the demand of hours study tours and pleasure trips are arranged for avoiding fatigue. Tuck Shop A variety of refreshment and eatables are available at college tuck shop in at reasonable rates for the students. Classrooms and computer labs All the classrooms including four computing laboratories are facilitated with room coolers and the labs are facilitated with headphone tutor for the first time in NWFP. Which may hardly be seen elsewhere in any institute of its kind. Library Libraries play a pivotal role in educational system. It not only consolidate classroom knowledge but also gives the students an opportunity for developing insight and research oriented learning faculty members and students can borrow library material reference books for a period of time. A variety of subject and journal books is available in the libraries, along with invaluable books on Commerce, Management, Computer and other related disciplines.