Cam Bird

"Cam Bird" is an Australian based Hard Rock and Alternative Metal Band from Melbourne! -Mission- Our mission is to pass the flame forward for guitar driven, rock, alternative and metal music for the next generation and to form a massive global community of incredible, passionate, heart centred rock and guitar driven music fans! We want to inspire YOU to live your best and most aligned life and to always maintain hope and love through the good and the dark times whilst hopefully being inspired by our kick-ass music :) We believe we live in a new golden age of music thanks to the internet. It allows independent artists like us to carve their own path and create global communities without the restrictions and BURDENS of record labels and industry fat cats who milk artists profits. Our dream is to inspire and form a kick ass incredible community of like minded music lovers so we can share the awesome-ness that is hard rock, alternative and metal music, laugh, cry and feel everything worth feeling along the way, no matter where you are in the world ;) -Bio- It’s not often that an artist’s life is saved by a band 8,000 miles away, but that is exactly what happened to Cameron Bird, who, on the precipice of taking his life, put on a track by Metallica. At that moment, Australian recording artist, Cameron Bird, realised that his life was too precious to let go of, and is now on a mission to use the power of music to change the lives of others. Homeless and armed with only a suitcase and a guitar, Cameron realised that if James Hetfield’s lyrics could change his life in an instant, he now understood the power of his own gift and passion for music. It was time to pay it forward. After a series of experiences with bands, Cameron's music career took off. With an army of fans, he found himself touring Japan with his heavy metal group, not realising that his destiny lay as a Hard Rock artist and Frontman. After the collapse of his metal and touring dreams, Cameron purchased an Acoustic Guitar and creatively hibernated for 3 years and reinvented himself. Stripping back the aggression, intensity, speed and massive walls of sounds he was comfortable with in death metal as a lead guitarist and songwriter, Cameron found a new vein of inspiration in the hard rock genre as a lead vocalist and married this with his passion for the guitar in a sound that many fans have likened to the grunge masters of old, the rock legends of yesteryear and the heavy weights of the modern hard rock scene today. With a broad range of influences including Alice in Chains, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Alter Bridge, Creed, System of a Down, Disturbed and a stack more that may very well surprise you, Cameron forged a distinct, passion-heavy, soul driven hard rock style music that then attracted in the likes of Bobby Manilla on bass and Tyrone Georgiou on drums. With a rhythm section complete, "Cam Bird" was born. “I wouldn’t call my music heavy metal like before. It’s softer, more pliable. I guess you could call it aluminium if you want to play on the metal thing! Its rock; more accessible to masses, but still hard-hitting and intense.” Cam continued: “I’ve been through lots of bands and written hundreds of songs over my career but going solo just felt right. There was a deep calling inside that I had to do this. The right people came in and it just naturally flowed together. It was just awesome.” Cam Bird is an unrelenting, passion fueled hard rock machine that has spawned a thriving international fan base. The States is already calling the band as their profile continues to explode and fans keep begging for them to swing through their towns. Cameron said: “It’s the messages I receive from people about how it’s impacting them that make this all worth while. Music isn't an easy path and I haven't met a lot of these people that I speak to day to day because of our music, but I already feel hugely connected to them. It’s all I ever wanted to do - was connect deeply and emotionally with people through the power of music. If I can change one person’s life in the same way music changed mine, I’d experience a tremendous sense of legacy knowing that I carried the flame forward.”