Butterfly Spirits - I love Butterflies

Having a spirit animal does not mean that you worship the animal. Rather, you use the animal spirit as a spiritual tool in symbiosis with the path you are already walking. Spirit Butterflies, help to guide us on our journey of self-discovery by making us aware of our spiritual connectedness. The butterfly is our symbol of transformation lifting our energy cycles as we move through the new stages of life. When a Butterfly flutters by: You are about to embark on massive change. The presents of butterflies are reminding us to embrace the changes coming into our lives. A physical transformation is taking root, in ways that will surprise you. Releasing expectations, letting go, trusting will allow this new energy to flow through you. In this time of transformation open up your physical body and bring more moment in your life. This movement brings you back to the sweetness of life and fills you heart with joy. Going out side opens us up the fastest. As our journey unfolds remember its a progression of our self, twisting and changing. There is no end it the journey its self that is the beautify for as we reach each goal or idea of where we want to be the person we are when we arrive is very different then the one that set out, just like the butterfly started out as the caterpillar dreaming of flying, once the dream arrived was not able to even remember the time before. Change is inevitable its our personal growth that is optional. Butterfly spirits are here to remind us of the faith in the unseen. You As A Butterfly Spirit: You are accepting of your change in the flow of life. Your journey is you own responsibility an you float in faith with the changes that emerge, gracefully. Being sensitive to energies of the planet you are deeply in tune with the new becomings and bring these new ideas or ways of seeing to the people around you. You are also extremely sensitive to the harmony of the earth. You are deeply in tune with environmental changes and are often the first to bring it to every ones attention. Butterflies are in your Dreams: To see them sitting or enjoying the flowers, trees and grasses is an indication that your transformation of wealth is opening up. We they are flying free in the open air above all around you, you are about to receive good news.