Jeff Brogger, also know by his stage name "BRØHG", is an electronic music producer and DJ based in San Diego, CA. Due to this upbringing, sunny beach days and the positive vibes inherent in reggae music were major influences from an early age. It wasn't until he studied abroad that BRØHG was exposed to how the rest of the world listens to music: through a pair of DJ decks. In a genre he calls "Vibestep" BRØHG skillfully combines his positive message and tropical feel with 808s and big room drops. Although this "tropical trap" music thrives in sunny environments like pool parties or daytime festivals, BRØHG also has a residency in an Insomniac nightclub where he has offered direct support for major artists as well as headlined main stage. Now a trained producer and skilled DJ, BRØHG continues to build a following as he fulfills his calling: to inspire others to pursue their dreams by passionately leading through his own example. Stay tuned as BRØHG disrupts the music industry, leaving an epic legacy of happiness behind him.