Brisbane Strength & Movement

We are the answer you have been searching for. Brisbane Strength and Movement is a Holistic Health and Performance facility that prides itself on real sustainable change. We look to transform your physique and elevate a healthy mindset through programmed Strength and Conditioning training, education around behaviour & sustainable nutrition changes that will improve your quality of life and performance. We have some of the best coaches available who not only daily develop themselves through education and their own pursuit in health but share a genuine passion to help you succeed and make every day count on your journey. WE CARE!!! We at BSM personally care and see it as our responsibility to help you achieve the goals and results you want 1 step at a time. Not only are our Coaches and staff invested in this but our family too. Each member has their individual journeys they embark on but we know as a collective and strong community these journeys are boosted with the support and accountability held by the collective. We all want to be better! HOW? Our programs are based around progressive Strength and conditioning “training” (we don’t “workout” at BSM, we believe “working out” is training without direction and an outcome in mind, basically a sweat fest. Everything we do is based on development and progression) Our programs incorporate Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, bodybuilding (hypertrophy) Gymnastics and conditioning that will aid the various goals we have in helping you achieve your individual dream physique and leave you feeling Stronger, more mobile, powerful, skilled, faster and fitter. Memberships We have available 2 memberships and access to large group training. 1) Semi private PT membership Community based training around structured progressive results based programing. The core of our Holistic performance facility structure is the Semi private PT membership. Rather than 1 on 1 training we train small groups of 1-6 people per session under a Strength and Conditioning structure. What this means for our family (members) is they get more bang for their buck. Not only do they get to work with a highly skilled Coach but they will also receive more time with a coach as the rate is lower than that of the average hourly 1 on 1 PT rate. So you get access to quality programing and more time, which is a win win as we can guide and ensure a lot more coaching and time with our coaches that you otherwise wouldn’t receive. In addition being in these small group coaching sessions creates a culture around what we value. A community headed in a supportive and more accountable environment. As our coaches and staff are from athletic backgrounds, both professional and semi this system mirrors how a lot of pro team sports design their sessions. This is huge in terms of developing a stronger mindset and helping shape individual results but also share and support in the wins of others. Energy and intent is so important in human performance and long term health changes, so if we have peers in group sessions who have managed to find and align themselves with a deeper understanding of this it will only accelerate igniting the same in our family. Our Semi private PT sessions cater to all levels of fitness and body types. We believe at BSM that every human is an athlete at different levels and should be treated this way. We want you to become your best version of yourself that’s our ultimate goal. If that’s to aspire to be an Olympian, improve body composition e.g. cut fat, gain lean muscle mass. Become the best chess player at your local club, A role model Mum or Dad, fitness model, Elite Cross fitter, National level athlete, or badass Grandma so be it, we don’t think its impossible and we want to shape as much possibility amongst our family as we can. Options X3 per week (with access to open gym scheduled hours) X5 per week (with access to open gym scheduled hours) 2) Group training Accelerating results. Our group sessions are designed to help speed up skill level and contribute to assisting better results around our PT structure. These aren’t just your normal Group class trainings that you would expect at your local commercial gym. A much more hands on approach and progressive programing that caters to all levels. Depending on focuses and phases in programing these group sessions are – Pilates, Movement complexity, Olympic Weightlifting, Metabolic Conditioning & Gymnastics