Brandon Meeks Music

Born and raised in the rugged city of Gary, Indiana, independent producer, beatmaker, arranger and bassist Brandon Meeks is gaining steam in the crowded world of Hip-Hop and creating a genuine lane that fans describe as “hip hop at it’s finest” and “a breath of fresh air”. Choosing to follow his own path over the enticing allure of popular trends, Meeks uses his years of working with noteworthy jazz and soul artists to create hip hop music that fuses authentic, high-level musicianship with clever sampling techniques, funky drums and haunting melodies. His sound gives listeners an explosive alternative to trap music and mumble rap. As the primary producer for the Indianapolis hip hop crew Native Sun, Brandon has created 2 magnetically soulful albums plus a series of sharp, compelling videos that have earned the attention of influential cultural tastemakers such as AFROPUNK and Team Backpack. His iron-willed efforts to share Native Sun’s music and build his audience has resulted in over 500 thousand views,10 thousand shares and over 1 million people reached around the globe. In 2014 Brandon got a taste of life as an actor when he was cast in Don Cheadle’s directorial debut film, Miles Ahead—a movie about iconic musician Miles Davis. Brandon worked directly with both Cheadle and jazz artist Robert Glasper during the film’s production. As the character of legendary bassist, Ron Carter, Brandon was able to bring his talent to film-goers everywhere and further expand his fanbase. Today, Meeks is working to release 2 albums simultaneously entitled Optique and Red.Black.Green. Moved by the bitter struggles of black people in America, he is speaking to critical social issues through his music. Optique features gritty hip hop instrumentals combined with empowering spoken word, film clips and recorded speeches. Red.Black.Green is comprised of warm, soul-drenched acoustic jazz compositions. The two works are unified by the concept of liberation. Brandon is determined to give great music to hip hop fans who have been forgotten about by the mainstream industrial music machine. He strives to be an inspiration to artists who aspire to be successful while remaining true to themselves.