Branded Handbags & Kitchenware by Rafidah

I am Rafidah, currently living and working in Montreal QC, Canada I am selling several popularly demanded items at discounted prices, such as designer handbags, watches and kitchen stuff. The example of handbag brands are Coach, MK, Fossil and Kate Spade– especially the ones that are American designer brands. They sell cheaper here in North America (US and Canada) so we can get a good deal. Before you ask, yes they are all Genuine items, sold directly from the boutique and outlet store. I try to avoid selling European brands such as Longchamp, LV and Gucci because you cannot really get a good deal. They are sold cheaper in European countries. However, I am still willing to buy them for you if they are cheaper than in Malaysia – please let me know the specific brand and design. I am also selling Corelle and Pyrex items!! These are definitely a good deal! Look out for the many Corelle designs and Pyrex items. They are a high quality product that can last a very long time. If you are not familiar with designer handbags or even Corelle and Pyrex, they are high quality good brand name products. The price is reasonable considering the quality of their products – it can last a long time. They are “expensive” because of the quality and brand name, not merely because of brand. I also offer installment plan. They are as follows: 1st Paymen (40%) - Deposit 2nd Payment (30%) - A month after Deposit 3rd Payment (30%) - A month after 2nd Payment Another important note: Due to the 12-hour time difference between Montreal and Malaysia (morning time in Malaysia will be night in Monteal), I am trying my best to respond to any inquiries as soon as possible. You may contact me via whatsapp, facebook message or email. Email: Happy shopping!!!