Bowl of Heaven - Provo

At Bowl of Heaven, we proudly serve the "... healthiest bowls on earth!" Our super food bowls are unique and loaded with highly dense levels of antioxidants, essential fats and other important nutrients that will leave you feeling full and bursting with mental clarity and energy. The Açaí Berry, an exotic superfruit that comes from Brazil, is packed full of antioxidants and gives you the right amount of energy that you need to get through your day. Additionally, each Bowl contains our signature super fruit blend called Maq7. This special blend of 7 super fruits from around the world is loaded with amazing health benefits. We also offer great tasting gluten, soy and dairy free options! In addition to our now famous acai bowls and juices, Bowl of Heaven offers plant perfect protein powders, raw organic vegan bars, and organic dark chocolate bars with sea salt and caramel that will wow you with flavor. We want to delight, nourish, and satisfy each guest in a way that creates loyalty and trust. Welcome to your new addiction! Life just became a little easier, download our Bowl of Heaven app! When you're hungry, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold, repeat your credit card number and get disconnected. With Bowl of Heaven's app, ordering to-go has never been easier. All you do is order your favorites, share any special instructions and even tip in seconds.