Loud Rumor - Fitness & Wellness Marketing

Fitness studios and independent gyms work with Loud Rumor for one main reason – they believe in us. We want to help 100,000 people jumpstart a healthy lifestyle through fitness, and the studios we work with provide that incredible workout service to the new members we're able to send their way. Our fitness program, Fit FLAVER, uses different elements including Facebook ads, landing pages, automation, and more to create killer marketing campaigns for our customers. Fit FLAVER helps studios grow and scale their facilities with massive lead generation. Then, we've developed sales training to help our studios turn those leads into paying members. First is our podcast and video series, The GSD Show. This is where we bring on guests and other influences within the fitness industry to discuss common challenges that they've overcome, and teach our audience how to do the same. We also offer a learning center where studio owners and instructors can watch training videos on how to improve their processes, book more sessions, retain more members, and so on.