Blessing Ekemezie

Six months ago,I found myself out of job after 26 years of working as a professional pharmacist . My job suppose to be secured,however,I was laid off. I was replaced with a junior pharmacist by the company I worked for 25 years to cut cost .I found another job as a clinical pharmacist.It was a contract job with no benefit, but I took job to enable me take care of my 5 children . Later,I had an offer to work at a hospital as a government contractor with a benefit. I was happy and I took the offer. Three months later, the agency told me that the contract will expire at the end of the year and the government will not renew it. The hospital was about to hire me,but president Donald Trump have frozen government hiring. My profession was great , however I quickly realized that working for somebody did not give me permanent job security or financial freedom. I was willing to make a change in my career so as to achieve job security and financial freedom. I made decision immediately to make a change. This is how I become Online Internet business marketer and an Entrepreneur. My purpose is to provide you with the best marketing strategy on how to successfully build online business using Facebook and working from home with a proven system.I also provide spiritual encouragement.