Blackberry Hearing

Blackberry Hearing had revolutionized hearing aid prices in Ireland by typically providing quality hearing aids at 60% less than other providers. Now Blackberry Hearing has launched a new generation of product with both models offering excellent new features such wireless connection, telecoil and phone +. Both address mild to severe hearing loss and both hide behind your ear. Choose one with the features you want. Our audiologists are all BSc qualified (4 years degrees) unique to national providers in Ireland. Simply call for more information. We will explain exact price, features, process and if you nay qualify for a grant (50% of people do). Blackberry Hearing was established by John Ryan and Dave Gleeson. We were astounded by the astronomical cost of hearing aids when investigating them for one of our own parents. Despite developments in technology, cost reductions have not been passed onto hearing aid users by traditional hearing aid outlets. We found that existing retailers sell at enormous margins to support high overheads and heavy promotional spends. We also discovered that their cheaper models are almost never offered but are used instead to lure people in to spend thousands on expensive pairs of hearing aids. So we have simplified the process while still offering best in class hearing aids and service. The benefits of hearing aids for those with hearing loss are well documented and now hopefully we can encourage many more people to improve their quality of life without having to pay out a fortune.