Bizy Beez was born out of a 20 year vision by co-founder, Catherine Reed, to inspire children to learn through creative play. As a teenager, she worked as a nanny for a family with 3 children with Downs Syndrome and Autism. She was mentored and trained in how to help children with special needs focus. She learned that when the children's hands were busy, they behaved better. After years of study in child development and observation, she discovered the same theory worked with nearly all children. Busy Hands and Quiet Mouths minimized frustration and encouraged more love, peace, and joy in the home. Now, Catherine, with her husband and Bizy Beez co-founder, Wade, have 6 children of their own and are striving to create a happy, healthy, thriving family life. Their hope is to empower parents across the globe to connect with their children through imaginative, fun, creative play. Come join the Bizy Beez movement.