Bingo Loco

We are the runaway, bastard child of traditional bingo complete with rave rounds, conga lines and dance offs. The conventional Bingo Cartel don't like what we do. We don't care. We are bringing bingo kicking and screaming into a full on party rave! We've got the ball's... the bingo balls to make your roar so loud you'll definitely lose your voice. Be prepared, you have been warned! Leave your Nan at home...or dress her in neon and drag her down! Here's a taste of what we are: *SLAP* WAKE UP SUSAN, this is fu*king BINGO. Join our MC (Minister of Mayhem) and sidekicks for the most intense game of bingo in the world. Eyes down to win cash prizes, fairly shit prizes and lots of manic mayhem! A lot of it won't make sense but WE don't make the rules! BINGO does.