Bertha Gallery Beauty Academy

Bertha Gallery Make up Academy was established since 2006. It is led by a group of young and energetic professional makeup artists and instructors who have various styles and techniques that are dedicated to excellence in their craft. Our instructors are evaluated regularly and trained in the latest make up techniques. They uphold the philosophy of our Creative Director (Eli Yap) and guide the students in their professional approaches. They pass on their knowledge and experience on the field and guide them breakthrough the traditional make up styles in creating their own personalities and characteristics. From the very first day of class until graduation, our academy will provide you with everything required to maximize your talents, your creative abilities, and your success in the industry. We will change our students into an up trendy, confident and modernized person and keep them way ahead of the latest fashion trend. The quality of the practical exercises helps the future makeup artists to express themselves while giving them the means to reveal their skills. It is the responsibility of our academy to bring “the real world” into the classroom through practical training that focused on the makeup artist trade. The rich program offered by the academy is completed by internships on the field. The students will actively participate in film shoots, photo sessions, fashion shows and events (product launching, campaign, contest, wedding and many more) to gain more real life career experiences. Upon completion of the courses, students are equipped with impressive portfolios that are essential for their makeup career. WHY BERTHA GALLERY? · Highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors trained from Paris · Small class sizes for more personalized instruction · Training on the latest advances in cosmetology · Provide both theory and hands-on practical training · Industry field trips, events and social gatherings · Career placement and assistance · Reasonable and affordable fees 贝莎时尚文化 • 化妆学院背景 贝莎时尚文化 • 化妆学院成立于2006年。在一群年轻而充满活力的专业化妆导师的领导下,创造出不同的风格和技术。我们的导师会接受定期评估并接受最新的化妆技巧培训。他们坚持我们创意总监的理念,用专业的方法引导学生。通过他们在该领域的知识和经验,引导学生突破传统风格,创造自己的个性和特色。 我们的成功归功于高质量的教学题材和卓越的技术传授。从上课的第一天直到毕业,我们学院将进所能帮助学生发掘自己的才华,创新能力,和该行业成功所需的一切。导师和学生之间培养出应有的默契,引导他们最新的时尚潮流感。我们的学院不至于是马来西亚最出名的化妆学院, 但在学生的心目中我们会是最好的化妆学院。 我们学院的责任是把“现实世界”带入课室,通过实际训练的方式来教学。学院会通过合作伙伴安排多源化的活动,让学生积极参与外地实习如电影拍摄,摄影,时装表演,产品推广,各式比赛,婚礼和其他类似的活动以获得更真实的生活职业经验。当学生毕业后,他们配备的不仅是化妆的技巧,更配备了职业生涯必需的工具。 为什么选择贝莎时尚文化 • 化妆学院? • 我们的导师拥有超过10年来自法国巴黎化妆培训和教育行业的经验。 • 一家高质素的学院,利用最新和最时髦的技能与知识来培养学生的专业。 • 坚持小班制,导师和学生之间有充份的时间和空间沟通。 • 通过多源化的活动提供理论和实践培训。 • 安排行业的实地考察,活动和社交聚会等等。 • 通过合作伙伴安排和援助就业机会。 • 合理而物有所值的收费和课程。