Be More Human

Training for me has never been specifically about how fast I can go or how heavy I can lift, it’s always been and still is, about being able to do something tomorrow that I cannot do today. My mission is to help people move more efficiently, develop the abilities to do all things physically and mentally a skilled human should be able to do, by helping people improve their technique, skill, strength & range of motion. Through personal program writing relative to your goals, whether they be weight loss, strength building or sports enhancing, I use specific functional strength and conditioning and high-intensity training. Ensuring you are in the strongest, most organised positions whilst training, which will, in turn, improve your overall fitness, reduce the risk of injury and enhance your performance and results. My Qualifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach CrossFit Movement and Mobility Coach CrossFit Gymnastics Coach CrossFit Judge European Institute of Fitness Master Trainer European Institute of Fitness Certified Nutrition Coach European Institute of Fitness Certified Fitness & Motivation Coach European Institute of Fitness Certified Exercise Specialist of Postural Retraining and Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation REPS Insured First Aid Qualified