Beko's Biik - Beko's Kitchen Davao

BEKO’s LECHON BIIK was established in Davao city on June 2001. It started as a small scale business catering only to close friends and families. Referrals among friends have created the need for it to expand and venture commercially. BEKO’s LECHON is known for its distinct taste – succulent, tender and tasty with no need of any lechon sauce. We have since launched the Hot and Spicy variant, which has gained popularity among many. Our product has become a favorite among small parties and events as well as among the discerning Lechon aficionados who have learned to appreciate the taste of Lechon Biik which is tender and has lesser fat content. In November 2011, we launched the Lechon Roll, which is a rolled pork belly cooked the same way as a regular lechon. This has been in TV Patrol Manila and has been a favorite of Dabawenyos ever since. Each lechon is packed in a ventilated carton box, which allows for an easy and hygienic method of packing and transport.