Sanae Floyd

Business Breakthrough Coaching and sales mentoring for coaching entrepreneurs seeking CLARITY, CREDIBILITY and CONFIDENCE in their business. � Nail your NICHE and define your Ideal Client Avatar once and for all �Achieve 100% alignment with your passion and purpose as coach �Get crystal clear on your mission and your consistent core message to the world �Create a suite of irresistible offerings that speak directly to your ideal clients wants and desires �Easily convey your credibility factor and communicate your ability to deliver the results for your people �Experience an inner confidence that radiates as outer magnetism for your tribe � Learn how to sell your coaching programmes the sleaze free and authentic way �Feel excited every day as you operate in your genius zone and follow your bliss Sanae Floyd is an accredited Personal Performance Coach and Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer, working with coaching entrepreneurs globally to help them build, launch and grow their multi-6 figure coaching businesses on-line. Dubbed the "Niche Whisperer" Sanae is known for creating breakthrough clarity for her clients with transformational results.