Casa Antonio Glamping

THE GLAMP CAMP If you are looking for a certain beach chillin’, nature trippin’ and that much needed break from the concrete jungle that a 5 star resort cannot commit, then this if for you. The CASA ANTONIO CAMPSITE is somewhat hidden in plain sight. Partially obscured by lush shrubbery uphill, which is the perfect spot for a sunset. Hence, no over crowding. It is still and will be Calatagan’s best kept secret even during peak season. A sign points toward an unpaved downhill that promptly disappears behind the trees, when the road morphs into fine sand then you’re here. Your stay with us will mean beach swimming and bumming, paddle boarding, kayaking sun baskin’ and naps at daytime. Walk along shore and visit the mangroves during the afternoon low tide. ("Mangroves are a key piece of how we address climate change — helpingus both adapt to its impacts and take carbon out of the atmosphere. In fact, taking all their benefits into account, there is a case to be made thatmangroves do more for us than any other ecosystem on Earth.) Count the stars, bond around the bonfire, listen to the ocean breeze during night time. It will be just nature, you and us. Our local staff will provide your tents with mattresses, fresh catch hot meals and assist you in anything that will make you feel comfortable. We are also PET FRIENDLY. You can bring your beloved fur babies with you. You don’t need a plane ride to wake up to a perfect white beach.