Barefoot Loco

Coffee. Burgers. Cheese. Handstands. Movement. I could probably leave my ‘story’ with those first five words and you would have a pretty good idea about me but if you would like to know some more, keep reading. I was one of those sporty kids growing up: I started with soccer and tried everything from triathlons to netball to parkour to wakeboarding. I have recently got into snowboarding and I’m trying to learn to surf! #struggletown I studied Exercise Science on the Gold Coast and got a taste of training clients through Acceleration Australia in 4 weeks of work experience. I have spent the majority of my life in Darwin and got fairly proficient behind a bar and fixing computers while looking for the career I wanted in ‘fitness.’ I say fitness in quotations as in reality, as one of my greatest influences, Ido Portal, says, “I don’t do fitness my friend,” I study and share movement. I started my first gig training clients in group fitness at Monkey Bar Gym in Darwin, then progressed to a place called The Results Room in Brisbane where I spent 2 years learning more from my clients, than I had from books and reading everything I could get my hands on in the 5 years previous. I then moved to Byron Bay to coach out of Strength Evolution and Byron Bay Crossfit running Crossfit classes, personal training and building Barefoot Loco. I now call Auckland, New Zealand home, where I am tutoring Cert III and IV PTs and running my online coaching business. My thoughts and philosophies on training have evolved over the years from a number of influences including but not limited to Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Dan John, Pavel Tsatsouline, Charles Poliquin, T-Nation, Tim Ferriss, Jonathon Goodman, Precision Nutrition and more recently Keegan Smith, Gold Medal Bodies, Chris Sommer and last but not least Ido Portal. In creating Barefoot Loco my aim is to share movement with others through in person and online training. So now that you know a little about me, I’d love to get to know you and what your story is and how I can best serve you in the online movement world, click on the link to book a free 30min mindset mastery call with me!