BABU Adventure paragliding school

Babu Adventure is a passionate team of specialists at your service for adventure in the Himalaya—we aim to be your one-stop place for exploration in Nepal. For the past fifteen years we have been seeking and excelling at adventures in the Himalaya --we have grown to know what adventurous people likeand can provide all the best in Nepal. Sano Babu leads the team and has traveled the world. He has experienced manypeople, cultures, and ways of life and has a unique, global perspective for a local company based in Nepal. Babu Adventure isalways dedicated to professional excellence and your satisfaction at all levels. We observe international standards while guiding you into the natural and cultural treasures of Nepal. This Himalayan land is ideal for adventure seekers, mountain and nature lovers and travelers interested in cultural interaction. Nepal has everything from jungle lowlands to the highest peaks on the planet, and we guide you to an experience of wide-ranging eco-diversity and diverse lifestyles and traditions. Over the years, Babu Adventure has earned the respect and trust of our clients and the communities wherever we operate. Contact us anytime. We are ready and excited to put together the best package to suit your travel needs and Himalayan ambitions. Your adventure will be guided bySano Babu or one of our adventure specialists. We will take care of all the necessary details to ensure your safety, comfort and pleasure as you enjoy a journey in the magnificent attractions of Nepal’s Himalaya and lush hills and jungles. In this About Us section please find more information on Babu and our team members and staff. We look forward to having beautiful adventures andexploring Nepal treasures with you, soon.