Hi, We are Mariam Ali and Candice Parker, two mothers just like yourself who are fueled by the love they have for their children. They say a mother's love is unmatchable. There’s nothing like it out there. It has no boundaries, follows no law and has no pity for anything that stands in its way, it’s beautiful. And nothing in this world can even begin to compare with that. Fueled by the same passion and love, we started this store which obvious by its name is dedicated to all the mothers out there. We wanted to help them out as much as possible. From the stage of pregnancy to taking care of your newborn - we know it’s a breathtaking experience. But, speaking from experience, we can assure you it can get a little exhausting at times. It has been an honour for us to be helping other mothers out. So far, we’ve managed to serve a good number of clients and hope that we can continue to do the same with the same dedication and passion - cuz no other love is like a mother’s love and believe us when we say, your child deserves it.