Ayahuasca Ceremonies Mallorca

Our purpose is to bring ayahuasca out of the Amazon and into Europe, making it accessible and affordable for those that wish to experience, or to continue their experience, of healing and growth, with this most powerful of medicines. We honour ancient traditions, serve only authentic brew from Peru - made and blessed by Amazonian Shamans in the traditional, time honoured way. We host ceremony circles facilitated by highly experienced Shamans, and held by core members, some of whom have drunk ayahuasca hundreds of times. We ensure your safety and comfort both inside and outside of circles and online after the event, via a Facebook group that supports your on-going learning and integration with the presence of experienced drinkers and the shaman. We run our 2 night and 5 night ceremonies from the Spanish island of Mallorca, which is cheap and accessible, by air, from most of Europe. We run them over weekends, which offer you the opportunity for a break from your routine, to soak up the warmth of this beautiful island, and to immerse yourself in two or five nights of healing and deep learning in ceremony, whilst not taking too much time out of your schedule. Ceremonies are held in both Spanish and English. We are a family run facility. It is our pleasure to provide airport transfers, delightful food and refreshments, and accommodation. It’s a genuine joy to open our home and hearts to our guests and to share with you the wonders of this ancient plant. There is much love for you here.