Ayahuasca Ceremonies Mallorca

We believe that ayahuasca has a far deeper purpose for humanity than being a once in a lifetime experience (and often just a tourist experience at that), or just a dream on the bucket list of those that feel her call this side of the world. We bring ayahuasca out of the Amazon and into Europe, making it accessible and affordable - and repeatable, for those in the West, that wish to experience, or to continue their experience, of healing, growth and spiritual ascension, with this most powerful of medicines. We do not grow, make or serve the medicine ourselves. We host space for Shamans who run the ceremonies which are a homage to ancient traditions from across the world. The Shamans go to great lengths to serve only authentic brew - made from Banisteriopsis Cappi harvested from deep from inside the heart of the Peruvian jungle. Often it will be from vine that they have grown and brewed themselves. Like any forward thinking organisation we care about sustainability and from each retreat we make a donation to a planting programme that yields two to four times the vine that we use ourselves. We are proud that we can have a net positive effect on the availability of this precious resource. Our ceremony circles are facilitated by highly experienced Shamans, and held by core members, some of whom have drunk ayahuasca hundreds of times. We ensure your safety and comfort both inside and outside of circles and online after the event, via a Facebook group that supports your on-going learning and integration with the presence of experienced drinkers and the shaman. We run our ceremonies from the Spanish island of Mallorca, which is cheap and accessible, by air, from most of Europe. Ceremonies are held in English or with English translation if the Shaman does not speak fluent English. Islanders and overseas visitors are equally welcome. At present it is not possible to offer these ceremonies without sharing on the costs of the overheads. Do not confuse the need for a fee with our intention - our hearts are open and in the right place and we are not doing this for the profit. We work hard to manage our overheads and hope that you will find our prices much cheaper than travelling to Peru and affordable for most. If you, or any of your friends, have a curiosity about ayahuasca then maybe you’re feeling her call - they say she calls when you are ready. Our retreat centre is run by husband and wife team, Mark and Lynette, and their 5 year old daughter Livvie. It is our pleasure to provide airport transfers, delightful food and refreshments, and accommodation all within the one fixed price. It’s a genuine joy to open our home and hearts to our guests and to share with you the wonders of this ancient plant. Many times I've looked around the ceremony circle and realised that for many this incredible, life changing experience started with a Messenger conversation like this and, for those that feel ready to do so, I look forward to our ongoing conversation. There is much love for you here, Mark x