Autism Classroom Resources

Welcome to Autism Classroom News. From this page you will find information about autism, special education and a variety of other issues, especially those focused on education-related issues. Visit my blog at Please note that although I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, changing behavior of a student or client is something that requires face-to-face observation and discussions on this page do not replace that hands-on expertise. My goal in this page is to provide a community and forum for discussions and information about educating students with ASD and related disabilities. This occasionally includes discussion of questions asked by fans / followers regarding curriculum, teaching strategies, and other related issues. I prefer that you message me the information and I will share it with the readers of the page in part to protect confidentiality and in part to moderate what is shared on this page. I reserve the right to remove anything that is shared on this page. Please remember that this is a public forum and can be seen by anyone in the world far into the future, so we need to be aware of our responsibility for the confidentiality of our students and clients and their families. Because of this and because behavioral issues are something that must be assessed with a functional assessment through observation of the individual, I will not post or address questions about what to do about specific students' behaviors. I do, however, believe that as an educational community we have much to learn from each other that can make our education and intervention more effective and I look forward to hearing your ideas on other non-student specific topics.