Stacy Hartmann

My mission is help committed entrepreneurs make deep and lasting changes in their lives, and businesses. My influence mastery coaching and consulting services are tailored for business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, high-achievers and extraordinary people. A perfect candidate for coaching may feel: *OVERWHELMED and STRESSED by too many responsibilities *Frustrated that they can’t quite seem to get ahead even though they believe they know better *Feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day and are pulled in too many directions *Struggling with how to get to the next level in business, life and relationships *Spending a lot of time fighting fires… a lot of “have to” and “need to energy” *Want less stress, to get more done in less time and with less effort, to have more time to focus on their life aspirations and deeper goals *Want to achieve BIG and unleash their human potential *Tired of status quo and want earth shattering success The results some of my clients have experienced from my programs and services: * A corporate executive went from being overworked to launching her part-time business and booking over $100,000 in business in the first six months * A direct sales leader who was plateaued in her business growth and felt ineffective as a leader become one of the top 12 women in the world to achieve executive status within her company and is now leading the largest team in the company within one year * A non-profit executive who was very successful in her career felt alone and terrified that she would not find the love of her life. Within one month of transformation coaching, she attracted her perfect husband and fast forward one year, they are married and had their first child * A new coach launched her business and secured 10 clients and became a national speaker within 3 months I am an expert in helping highly committed people to create epic lives by reclaiming their power and greatness.