Australian Breastfeeding Project

Every milky goddess out there deserves to feel like one! What is this project about? Through is project I want to erase the negative stigmas that surround breastfeeding. I want mothers everywhere to feel comfortable when nourishing their child. I want to live in a world where women and men alike encourage mothers to feed their babies, whenever and wherever they see fit, without a second thought. I look forward to living in a world where a mother can feed her infant and passers by are able to make eye contact with her and not give a second thought to her breast being used to feed her baby. Where it’s normal for women to be surrounded by support of her breastfeeding choices. And every single one of us can celebrate our journey, without being shamed. I want women to feed their babies anywhere they are without being scared of hurtful or negative comments. I want to empower breastfeeding mothers and the next time they sit down to feed their baby where ever they may be they know that the have the support of thousands. Together through the power of images we will change the negative views surrounding breastfeeding. Sarah Murnane xx