Asiri Wanigaratne's Fengshui collection

Feng Shui Collection (PVT) LTD is a company with 36 branches in many important cities around Sri Lanka. It was founded by Master Asiri Wanigaratne in 2006 and has become the number one Feng Shui network within a limited period. It also has grown into a company with more than 90 employees. Now it is the leading Feng Shui Company in South Asia with the largest branching network.The head office is in Kalubowila and it launches so many impressive Feng Shui books that help you to enhance your luck in various fields such as wealth, carrier, education, relationships and a best selling monthly magazine to guide you in day to day life as well as contented with fetching articles on different areas and Eastern, Western occult practices. The Feng Shui Collection branches provide you every possible detail on the subject and the friendly crew is always ready to give you the best customer service. Whenever you step into any of the branches, you will find the team mates with excellent Feng Shui knowledge at your side all around the island, alike. Every branch of the network is full of interesting equipment, magazines, books, symbols, poster and stickers which will make you a luckier person. There are solutions for almost any problem through Feng Shui, for any person of any age. You will also find a number of pretty jewelleries to wear which make you look smarter as well as give you much fortunes in life.Master Asiri Wanigaratne He has become the best Feng Shui consultant in Sri Lanka by introducing the most popular art of Chinese Feng Shui to the island and building the biggest Feng Shui network in South Asia with 36 branches. He has introduced so many talismans including the Feng Shui ring, Om mantra, many kinds of amulets, Feng Shui jewelleries and he has authored a number of best selling books. Master Asiri Wanigaratne has learn Feng Shui from many Feng Shui consultants in Malaysia and Singapore, and has granted the highest International degree in Feng Shui from Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai’s “Yap Cheng Hai Academy”. He was a student of “Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics” of Joey Yap and “Institute of Feng Shui” (WOFS) of Lillian Too. After learning many occult arts in India and Southeast Asia such as Feng Shui, Bazi, Tarot reading; he started the island wide Feng Shui network in 2006 and the service of reading horoscope using ancient astrology secrets in 2009. He is the founder of the popular “Colombo Astrology Centre”. And he is well known for Feng Shui geomancy, in which he signifies special points, ages and other relating details of a house. His service extends to analyzing building plans, land selection and house selection.