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Get response auto res ponder can increase your sales try here for free= The purpose this page is to share, teach, and motivate people make action toward our dream. Most people have big dream, but most have small income. In reality, most people decrease their dream to fit their income. To reach your big dream, you must start from the inside, not from the outside, All happen in the exterior , must happen in the interior first, similarly, if you don't want your OUTPUT, then you must change your INPUT. All can happen depend on your MINDSET. Simple formula, MINDSET+ ACTION= RESULT. negative mindset,negative action, = Negative result. or vice versa... positive MINDSET+ positive ACTION= positive RESULT. MINDSET is so powerful that can affect the way you think, affect the way you feel, its can affect the way you make a decision , and its can change the destiny of your life. I can prove to you have mindset is powerful, remember, when we are still young, our parent say, My son ,study hard so that after you graduate you will have a good JOB.. There's no Bad to have a JOB. On the other hand, (Chinese) Anak, ikaw aral mabuti, paglaki mo. IKaw tayu malaki NEGOSYO. SA PALAGAY nyo, who would have a greater opportunity and income, the one who find for a job or the ONE who start a business. What was the major difference, was the school we come from, was the book the we read, was the board exam that we took. I do believe that the major difference is how we were " MINDSET " when we were young. If you believe or NOT, what we are today is a reflection on how we are raise when we are young.