Apollo Delphi

As the God of the Sun and health, Apollo was worshipped at Delphi during the times of Greek Mythology. As a fitness facility dedicated to restoring the health of the community and its members, it seemed only fitting to name it as such. Founder and owner, Corinne Zaffos, has embodied what she teaches throughout her lifetime. Taking from her Greek and Italian heritage, the concept of family can be seen throughout the gym. After all, it's not a workout you come to a gym for, it's the sense of community and health. Corinne has overcome two bouts of paralysis, one from a car accident and one from a nerve injury during childbirth. As a runner for nearly 25 years, she used her hobby of running and triathlon, along with a knowledge of mechanics to overcome these obstacles and continue an athletic lifestyle, which included an ultra-marathon and several triathlons. Throughout her athletic career, Corinne has been exposed to some of the leading fitness trends and has worked with some of the leading experts. In order to take her fitness career to the next level, she has become an NASM certified personal trainer, a certified health coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a Speed and Agility Coach. She has also become one of the first United States Affiliates of Zuu, a program that holds the motto of Liberating Human Movement. This a program followed throughout all classes in the gym, because mobility is the key to injury prevention and athletic performance at any level.