Andrew Argue, CPA

I've helped 200+ people start & grow accounting, tax and financial consulting practices in 4 countries. How many prospective clients have you met with in the last 7 days? What have you done to reach out to prospective clients in the last 7 days? When you're trying to grow your accounting firm, "if it's not on the calendar, it doesn't exist". There are only 2 things you need to master to consistently start and grow your firm. 1. Promoting yourself in a way that directly generates meetings on your calendar with potential clients 2. Doing meetings with potential clients that result in a decision about working together. Literally, EVERYTHING ELSE is a cost. Blog posts, social media posts, the newest website, PR, interviews, videos, podcasts, periscope, twitter activities that don't directly get meetings, just don't work and you should stop doing them. You can check out my recent success stories here: I have lived and worked in New York, Florida, California, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Costa Rica. Learn more about how I can help your accounting firm in my free webinar training: