Andrea Henn

MY JOURNEY: My personal journey with Beachbody started in October of 2015. I have 2 children. My daughter was born in July 2007 and I had my son in February 2015 and both pregnancies couldn't be any more different. My first pregnancy was not ideal. I put on almost 60 pounds and was not active at all. I would go for walks here and there but nothing consistent. Prior to having my son, I was pretty active but my nutrition was up and down. I thought I ate fairly well but I never saw a change on the scale or in the way my clothes fit. I have always been around 120 pounds so for me the scale is not really the issue but rather how I felt in my own skin. I wasn't toned. I was "skinny fat" as a I like to call it, but at the same time never really felt or called myself "skinny". I looked healthy from the outside but my insides were not. What I mean is I could knock back an entire container of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting with no problem. Every night around 8:30, like clockwork, I would get up from watching whatever show I was watching with my husband, walk to the kitchen and either make a bag of popcorn or grab us bowls of ice cream. EVERY NIGHT! So, I guess you could say I like sweets? Don't get me wrong, I still do but in moderation now. When I was given the clearance to workout again after having my son I could NOT find the motivation. I wanted to get back into shape but I didn't want to put in the work it was going to take to get there. It just seemed SO FAR off. Ugh, how long was it going to take to get me toned up again after putting on the weight during my pregnancy and losing everything that I worked so hard for before. I struggled for awhile and did not begin a workout routine for quite some time. I found a few different free programs that I kind of dipped my toes into. I found a community of women who would post pictures of themselves, encourage each other, and have running challenges. I ordered some of the protein powder they were selling and I liked it just ok. I had to hide it into a smoothie though. Which by the time I added all my goods to make it "taste good" completely made it unhealthy. So anyways - I was approached to join a challenge group by a friend from high school. I asked her what it was and she told me it was going to be a group for the program that best fit my goals. I missed lifting weights and just being strong so I chose BodyBeast and it would be paired with a meal replacement shake called SHAKEOLOGY. Umm, meal replacement shake? No thanks! I was instantly turned off by the sound of that because I am a freak about meal replacement shakes and don't believe in them. I think they're loaded with too many 25+ lettered fake ingredients that nobody except the person who discovered them can pronounce and things like that scared me. I was still interested though. So... I did my own research. I googled the crap out of it. I went to the website and read the ingredient list, looking up the ingredients I wasn't sure about. EVERYTHING was natural. I couldn't find ONE bad thing about it. The price was a little high but once I realized if I traded in my breakfast that would typically have no nutritional value (I mean how healthy can a bowl of cereal, or even better...nothing really be?) and replaced it with a $4.00 nutrient dense shake - I was sold. I joined the challenge group with the purchase of the challenge pack. A challenge pack is simply the workout program and the shakeology paired together for a cheaper price than purchasing the two items individually. I FELL IN LOVE! I loved the shakes. They kept me full and within a few days I could really feel a difference in my energy, my bloating, and I also noticed my IBS issues were as strong or even as often as before. I know, it sounds crazy. I couldn't believe it either but I felt it and saw change within weeks. It wasn't long before I was interested in becoming a coach. That's when my life changed. I have not missed three days in a row of working out since then. I have met more people through this that want the best life for me. I am surrounded by powerful people that make fitness and nutrition a priority so even if NO one in my life supported me I would still feel completely supported by this community. I have drank Shakeology EVERY single day since and I will never stop. When I joined I was welcomed into a community of POSITIVE UPLIFTING, women and men. People who were trainers, nurses, doctors, teachers, stay home mamas, normal everyday people like me that were simply making the decision to make themselves a priority in their life. SO COOL! People who wanted to help other people but loved their full time profession. People who wanted to help themselves while helping other people. People who made this into their FULL TIME gig. Just shy of a year after signing up to be a coach I was able to replace the income I had lost when I stepped down to part time after my son was born. I am able to stay home with my kids while providing for my family. This was something that I had dreamed of but never in a million years thought would be possible. Seriously you guys, this changed my life in so many ways! I would love to watch you start creating your transformation story with me in my next group! Are you interested in joining my next group with a fitness program and Shakeology? I can help you choose a program that best fits your interests and goals. Message me and let's connect!!