Anandamuni was founded by a Yogi that has been practicing continuously for over a decade. She believes in Yoga and Meditation so much that decided to venture into providing a special Yoga Towel at an affordable price, but more importantly to communicate the importance of Yoga and Meditation for adults and kids. Anandamuni supports the cause, a foundation that is helping to spread the word about the importance of meditation for kids around the globe. The word Ananandamuni comes from the union of two words in Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages on Earth and the one used in traditional yoga). ​ Ananda (Sanskrit: आनन्द): literally means bliss or happiness. Muni (Sanskrit: मुनि ) is someone who does introspection or who is thoughtful. ​ The two words came together when we realized that our wish for everyone is to practice yoga with a deeper level of mindfulness in order to attain true happiness. This is our mantra: "Practice mindfulness and find your bliss" ​ ​