Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is a singer-songwriter based out of Greenville, SC. If you like female-fronted pop rock music, you will love what Amy has in store for you. Amy began seriously writing songs as an undergraduate student after encouragement from an English professor. This encouragement led to performing some open-mic nights around Toledo, OH, where Amy was studying. During her pharmacy rotations, her last year of school, Amy found Chris Kress (Dave Matthews Band). Amy relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia to work on her self-funded debut album, after completion of pharmacy school. While in Charlottesville, Amy worked a full-time, while honing her singing and writing skills. In 2006, her album under the stage name, Zaba Grace, was released. CD Baby featured the album on their front page with the review: With crunchy elements, similar to Alanis Morrissette, bad-girl, rebellious genius like Ani Difranco and "deal with this" attitude often associated with Avril Lavigne, Zaba Grace wraps up a chunky, bristling mix of pop, rock and unapologetic, in-your-face pleasure. Sonic, soaring, loud and bold, her music draws from various time-lines in pop and rock and encompasses whatever seems to make a song fly, with no reservations or inhibitions. Those looking for gutsy chick rock will find plenty to appreciate in, "My Own Skin." Amy has since taken many breaks for several reasons, including burnout, having a baby, & divorce. Amy’s most recent release is a 2016 Christmas song, “Merry Christmas Baby.”