AlgaeCal comes from algas calcareas, a South American ocean marine algae which grows abundantly in the intertidal zone. These kiwi-fruit sized balls are a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and over 70 other trace minerals. They grow wild in an expansive, pristine nature park. Indigenous people “fish” for these algae balls by wading in and hand picking them. Harvesting is under strict control of 3 government branches who impose limits on total harvest each year, and oversee beach rotation. After hand-harvesting, the algae balls are rinsed, dried in the sun, then milled into a powder we call AlgaeCal. There is no extraction process, and there are no additives making AlgaeCal a whole food. Everyone agrees that whole food is preferable to pills, but it is not often that a whole food fits into a capsule - making AlgaeCal the best of both worlds - whole food nutrition - with the convenience of a easy to swallow capsule. No wonder AlgaeCal is called a “superfood”.