Alesha Rose Fitness

Hey hey!! We may be new friends or you may have stumbled onto my page randomly, so I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself! . I’m Alesha Rose and I am most importantly a wife and mother of 2 soon to be tweens (Aedyn is 12 and Corbin is 10). My life is constantly surrounded by baseball fields and I am a proud dog mom of 2 yellow labs... and a University of Florida Gator fan. ;)  . Six years ago I was pretty lost in life. I was working a full time corporate job as a Branch Administrator. I was also going to school full-time online finishing up my Bachelors, in the Army Reserves (still am in going on 14 years), and my kids were 3 and 4 at the time. Needless to say, I was busy and having that ground hog day moment of every day being the same. I KNEW something had to change, that something was missing, but I wasnt sure what that thing was. . I found a program called INSANITY and connected with people on FaceBook who were doing the program as well. This is when my now best friend Jessica found me and told me about coaching. I was skeptic but I was desperate for change. . I’ll spare you the long winded details, but fast forward 6 years——I lost 25+ lbs, I've learned healthy habits, and I’m a full time coach earning a full time income from home. No more early 4am mornings to work out and missing out on my kids lives.. We’re able to travel, make memories, and just generally be PRESENT in their lives without the added worry and stress of finances. It’s the best feeling in the WORLD! And I mean, no big deal or anything, but we just built our DREAM HOME from the ground up. {No big deal} :p . Today I spend my time helping others create the same freedom my family has experienced because I said YES to an opportunity. An opportunity to not only change MY life, health, fitness, and finances—but the lives of others as well! I wake up with an intense PASSION and sense of purpose every single morning and I am so incredibly blessed. I want as many people as possible to experience the same blessing.  <3 . If my story speaks to you and you are in a similar situation or can relate and want more info about what I do as a coach and how you can do it too, I want to hear from you! Shoot me a message here on Facebook and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Can’t wait to hear from you. .  <3 Alesha