Alana Levandoski

Thanks for checking out my page. If you've found yourself here, you may have some sort of history with the Christian tradition. You may have grown up Catholic or Evangelical or protestant. Maybe you didn't. For my part, I was immersed in the evangelical world in my youth but also very much exposed to the arts. I ended up becoming an alt-country songwriter and recording artist and touring the world full-time with my guitar, even sometimes with a full band. There was a point in my journey as a recording artist, when I was standing on a hotel rooftop with the Hollywood sign in the distance, and I realized I was very unhappy. It wasn't just discontented, but somehow, I felt like if my mask were any more obvious it would HAVE to fall off. Which is what happened. Outside of my control. I lost lots in my personal life and the mask came off big time. The trouble with masks coming off is that often they are associated with how you make your living. At least it was in my case. Very shortly I found myself fixing up a cabin in order to stay in it and eventually living as a volunteer with Benedictine sisters. Just months before this I had released an album with Coldplay's first producer Ken Nelson, (a fantastic fellow!) and here I was, unable to keep going. I remember visiting my Anglican priest, hoping he would have a book or two that could help me rationalize my way out of my predicament and he said some very wise words to me: "read the mystics". So I began to, really for the first time (at least for the first time without scrutinizing the text for theological faux pas!) I eventually did a pilgrimage from Newfoundland to New Orleans, living out of my car, trying to find a reason to fall back in love with music. When I was done my pilgrimage, I moved West, where I met my husband and began the journey of transitioning from "maidenhood to motherhood". I am now the step mother of my teenage daughter and mother to two boys age 3 and 17 months. After a two year course at the Center for Action and Contemplation, I realized that it felt right to begin recording music again. So I recorded my album Behold, I Make all Things New and have called it a "Christ Narrative". I then recorded in collaboration with James Finley, an album on healing called Sanctuary. I am currently working on an album that sings the journey of Thomas Merton, also in collaboration with James Finley. My journey back to music, and deciding to make sacred music (although I am of the school that it's ALL sacred), is one of authenticity ... I want to make songs and chants that awakens hearts to the abiding Presence of the Holy. This can happen in many ways... "the whole shootin' match is sacred" - Wendell Berry.