Akhtaboot - the career network

Akhtaboot is an online career network that is committed to providing a user-friendly, effective, and efficient way of linking the right person to the right career opportunity in the MENA region. With a user-friendly interface, superior searching functionality, and a charismatic brand, Akhtaboot can now match its 50,000 daily job seekers with over 5,000 registered employers – including international players such as Pepsi, Total, and Marriott Global. The main services provided to employers include: *Online Recruitment Services: Akhtaboot’s recruitment packages provide companies with the ability to post their job openings onto Akhtaboot as well as search through Akhtaboot’s database of CVs. What differentiates Akhtaboot from other recruitment websites is its focus and commitment to the region, as well as the flexibility and customization of its packages. In addition, Akhtaboot offers companies a variety of online advertising opportunities. *Cloud-Based Recruitment Management Software Solution “Career Connect”: Career Connect is a revolutionary service powered by Akhtaboot that provides companies with their own fully integrated and branded jobs section, with the ability to post unlimited job postings and receive job applications directly onto their careers section on their own website, managing their recruitment process from “Acquire” to “Hire”. *Testello Assessment Platform: Akhtaboot currently provides 5 tests. ------------------- Akhtaboot Cares Initiative Ever since Akhtaboot was first launched, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was a vital element of Akhtaboot’s strategic plans. Akhtaboot is fulfilling this mission through the Akhtaboot Cares Initiative (ACI), which was launched in February 2009. Since then, ACI has been acting as Akhtaboot’s CSR arm in developing the necessary skills of our young workforce to help them succeed at work and to instill a range of transferable skills that are necessary to land a job in today’s competitive marketplace. Through ACI, Akhtaboot forms partnerships with educational institutions and NGOs all over the Gulf and Levant for the purpose of providing career opportunities to underprivileged members of society, graduates-to-be, and alumni. The services provided under the ACI include: career-related lectures, CV evaluation services, organizing and participating in job fairs, as well as Akhtaboot’s Microsite Solution.