AEM Hi Arts - Art Exploration for Me

AEM Hi Arts Vision: All people on our planet will have access to creative exploration. AEM Hi Arts Mission: To donate more art to communities in need than any arts company on the planet. AEM HI ARTS Story: AEM Hi Arts believes that the greatest journey humans can have is through their own creative exploration, no matter how young, old, rich, poor, healthy and especially those who are not in good mental or physical health. The gift of creative expression through art is one of the greatest gifts in the world. It heals, it creates joy, it connects humans. It crosses cultures and is universal in language. AEM Hi Arts is founded by Brett & Rachel who come from a world of creative artists. We have seen the healing powers of artistic expression. We love to see how art can help people on their journey towards peace, relaxation, meditation, joy and satisfaction. We are driven to get the creative process into the hands of every human being alive. It’s their mission. The person suffering the most can feel safe when mixing colors, making brush strokes and then looking at a piece that they have completed with a smile and a deep breath of relief, no matter if they want to have it for themselves or share their creative expression with as many people as possible. It is not about seeking the best, or the most popular work of art. It is about the process and the feeling as you create and when that piece is completed. It is a journey of joy and growth. Our promise is that for every 10 products sold, one product will be given to an organization or a human in need of art to heal, to express themselves creatively or to enjoy their creative journey. Our first product is a complete watercolor set that includes 24 tubes of watercolor paints, a palette, paint brushes and a pad of watercolor paper...everything needed and wanted to get started on your own creative journey through the watercolor medium. Easy for the young and the old as it can clean up easily, while the quality of these paints will provide and enjoyable experience for those both new and experienced in art. Imagine this product in the hands of a child who feels lost or without hope. Think of someone elderly who is looking to find new ways to enjoy their time. See, first-hand, how the creative artistic expression process can be meditative and healing to those who are suffering mentally or physically. Enjoy watching two people, a mother/daughter, a grandparent and grandchild, a volunteer at a retirement community working with an elderly patient or a teacher at a challenging school environment who can free a student’s stress or anxiety by placing this paint set into the hands of someone in need. Now you see our mission. From our own experiences, we see and feel the healing power of creative expression through art. We have seen that a person who may be sad or depressed has found that time of Zen during the creative process. We know that art heals. We want you to experience it with us and share the healing power of art with others. Join us, won’t you? Follow us to hear stories of how these boxes of creative exploration have helped people on their journey. We’re excited to share our journey with you! For all social channels, please find us: @aemhiarts