Lularoe Jen Down

LulaRoe is an up and coming fashion company based in California. This page is where you will be introduced to everything you need to be fashionable and comfortable! The reason I became a LuLaRoe fashion consultant is because I want to improve the lives of others. I want to improve my family's lives by providing for them and being a role model for my daughter so she sees you can be/do anything you set your mind to. I also want to improve all of YOUR lives. I was struggling with my body image after having my daughter and I never felt comfortable. LuLaRoe truly changed that for me. I went from being a woman who only ever wore jeans to throwing out my last pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago! I feel confident and comfortable in my LuLaRoe. There are styles for EVERYONE. I want to empower women to feel beautiful again. Party with me to earn free clothes! I offer home boutiques and online parties. I also can help your favorite charity earn money through our fundraising program. And if you want to have the most amazing freedom and business please join my team! Contact me at and follow me on Instagram at @lularoejendown.