Adventure Rooms Canada

Adventure Rooms Canada is currently ranked No.1 on TripAdvisor! Canada's 1st 60 Minute Live Room Escape Game! Your group has 60 minutes to find its way out of a mysterious room. This is accomplished by using logic, searching for clues and using unique items in the room to help you get through obstacles like locks and doors, etc. Once your team makes it through all the of the puzzles contained within the room you will find the final key; and unlock yourself to freedom. Only 20% of teams have escaped so far. Will you? The adventure is very thrilling, but not dangerous at all. It contains no horror elements, requires no physical exertion and is suitable for ages 11-77. It is an exciting recreational activity for couples, friends, families and tourists. It is also gaining popularity as a unique and fun corporate team-building event or out of the classroom learning activity for students. For 2 - 21 players. 2 locations: Kitchener and Niagara Falls, Ontario. Due to the nature of this activity, reservations are required. Please see our booking page for all available appointments. For more information, please see our The Games, FAQs, and Book Now pages at