Adventure Above

The 45 year restoration of N2771C has been completed. Next is to fly this plane to every state. Yes including Hawaii. The goal is to produce a documentary that is both local, and national. In short, to show people what they are missing out on. There are several productions about flying in Alaska, or Montana, and float flying, but none that have been consecutively filmed as an experience. Equipped with bush wheels, Floats, and snow skis we will cover the continental US in 2018, and continue on to Alaska, and then Hawaii. Other goals for this mission are: Promote youth in Aviation; speaking at high schools, giving demo flights etc. This is special to me, since I started in the industry at age 14. Capture the natural beauty of America; We won't be going to big cities often, and sometimes won't land on airports at all. Encourage active outdoor activities. Write a book about the experience.