Naughty Cakes by KC

Kink Cakes started in 1990 with a clear vision: revolutionizing the cake industry. It was intended to become a venue where customers can create their own design allowing their imagination to run free. With a meager staff of 6 at the onset, the vision started to unfold before our very eyes when orders started to pile-up. Today we dreamt of establishing Kink Cakes as a household name. We want people to support our company and gain loyal patronage not because we design naughty cakes but because the cakes that we produce are funny, original and imaginative. Our designs are limitless and the possibilities, endless. However we encourage our clients to practice self- censorship. We want our cakes to come out with a reasonable sense of humor. From a partnership, it turned into a Corporation in 1997. And now we have branches situated in key cities of the metropolis. But we at KINK CAKES don’t stop there. We want to conceptualize more and our burning desire to satisfy our customers is never ending. WHAT WE DO We have cakes for the mature and the young market. We also offer Just For Kids (JFK) cakes where we sculpt cakes for the kids to enjoy. Our Just For Kids (JFK) to become the by-word of every imaginative kid. They can visit any of our stores and kids can commission their cakes out of animated cartoon characters, superheroes, castles & dreams. JFK also specializes in edible & non-edible photo cakes. With the artistically creative concept of our bakeshop, cakes are transformed into fun, imaginative & humorously exciting delicious work of art. We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction. Visit us now at Don Antonio Arcade, Holy Spirit Drive, Brgy. Holy Spirit Quezon City, Philippines (