Accelerate Strength

We are CrossFit Agilis! We are part of a group of Inner West residents you’ve probably never heard of. We don’t rely on fancy equipment or the latest fitness trends! In fact our motivation is the exact opposite. We train in a box, lift weights for fun and our warm up is harder than any workout you have ever done! Because we don’t have the exposure and budget of a big franchise gym, we have to do things differently we have to do things smarter. We do this through the art and science we call CrossFit. We don’t have 1000’s of members. We don’t fall for the latest trends! We have a better program, we achieve the best results and we do it through a fitness program which is constantly varied, uses functional movements, all performed at a high intensity. If you ask the average PT, or look from the outside in they’d tell you the results we’re getting are impossible... Yet it’s happening. Every single day. We are CrossFit Agilis and this is our story! #theagilisway