A Better Way to Farm

The A Better Way to Farm exclusive AgroVantage® System Is a high quality crop management system that is cost effective & easy to handle all with the use of premium products! The AgroVantage System is designed to deliver production advantages that modern agriculture demands. At A Better Way to Farm, we want your land to work for you at its maximum potential, get the most from your crops & keep the cost of your inputs low. Call us any time (641-919-1206) to set up how you can optimize this trifecta for champion crop production! Steps to getting started with the Company of Champions: 1. Starts with a Soil Test 2. Next applying the necessary Fertilizers, Micro & Secondary Nutrients recommended from the soil test 3. As the growing season continues take a plant sample to determine if further fertilization & additional nutrients are needed 4. Finally, comes the harvest… when you’ll see just exactly what we mean by “A Better Way to Farm.” Please note: By posting pictures on our page any and all parties are authorizing their permission for the photo to be shared by A Better Way to Farm across social media. Thank you & happy posting.