A&S Tyres

A&S Tyres is a family run business, with the ability to solve any of your motoring needs. We supply selected tyres with a lifetime warranty, offering you a new tyre if we cant repair your old one. We have friendly staff who are always keen to show their knowledge and help you to the best of their ability, to choose a tyre brand best suited to your driving needs. We are a Delphi diesel specialist, with all the equipment to find out why your car is not running like it was before. We offer full garage services from an engine service to timing belts to engine rebuilds, all with a labour and parts warranty. We can give you a free air con check to keep your screens clear in the winter and you cool in the summer. We post many offers on our facebook page - just like 'A&S Autos' for repairs and 'A&S Tyres' for our latest prices on tyres. Thank you A&S Team