Aandra Bohlen

It’s time to kick fear to the curb, let go of overwhelm, and embrace your identity as a budding entrepreneur with grit. I know you’re ready to silence the gremlins of doubt in your ear, defeat your personal resistance, and crush your mental blocks so you can start to truly rock it in your biz! I’m Aandra Bohlen Hall-Sharif and as your business coach, sales strategist and Human Potential Activist, I will help you whether you are a seasoned, new, or aspiring business owners cultivate grit, clarify their ideas, and bust limiting beliefs so they can create and maintain the business and life of their dreams. I spent too many years in a position where I plugged along and performed all my duties (and did a damn good job). That job took over and If a client across the world called at midnight, I knew that I damn well better pick up the phone! I wanted freedom, I wanted options, and I wanted a different life. I had a desire to help people and it seemed that everywhere I turned people were blossoming into entrepreneurs. That was my clue to get in the game. I WAS SCARED TO START, SCARED TO FAIL, AND SCARED TO ACTUALLY BE SUCCESSFUL! But I started anyway! I learned how to overcome my own limiting beliefs, clear my mental blocks, and get on the path to alignment. Then I took the plunge, and quit my job to see what entrepreneurship was all about. Heck – I’d seen a coupla bozos do it successfully so why couldn’t I? Eight years later I’m still a full-time entrepreneur and lovin’ every moment. Over the years I’ve gotten really good at course-correcting and drowning out the voice of doubt (sometimes that ugly little fucker still rears its head). I know that your business is not outside you – it’s inside you. I am here to remind you that to grow your business, you must first and always be doing the work to grow yourself. XoXo~ AB