Zuri Baby Couture

ZURI BABY COUTURE The Instant Infant Fashion Zuri Baby Couture is a brand of fashion accessories for babies that designs and manufactures handmade headband, necklace, and shoes. It successfully launched its first two princesses in March 2013: the Diva Collection and the Simply Elegant collection. Born from the creative womb of Zuri Wearable Art, a high-end jewelry line that produces artistically-designed gemstones, Zuri Baby Couture inherits the combination of classiness and uniqueness in its designs. Creative Chief Director Hershey Morgan shares the joy of proper dressing and good grooming for babies. Every featured product, in reference to its color palette and construction, is well-planned according to the personality of babies. Quality and finest materials are used, such as hypoallergenic elastic bands and soft fabric for the sensitive skin of little ones. Hershey welcomes the year 2013 with a beautiful aura as her company paved its way to another accessory line inspired from her new role as a mother. Her fashionable and creative spirit continuously flows in her growing lovely baby girl. “After I gave birth to my daughter, I have been looking for baby accessories for her. I want to dress and glam her up because every mother wants her child to look at his/her best. That’s the time when I first started designing for her hair accessories. When I realized that it seems good, I already came up with baby shoes and some necklaces that match the hair accessories. So I asked my team, why not create a new line for babies?” Hershey gladly said, “and there came Zuri Baby Couture.” The brand is envisioning a full launch of a one-stop clothing and accessories line before the last quarter of 2013. More exciting and beautiful designs are expected to unravel the art of dressing up babies to a whole new level. Another interesting mark would be the expansion of the brand’s online scope worldwide – jumpstarting in South East Asia (particularly Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore); Europe (specifically France, Germany and United Kingdom); and also in Middle East (Dubai).