Zero Finance HK

Zero Finance 於2014年7月正式創立,以消費貸款業務為起點,致力通過科技創新,為大眾打造高效便捷的金融通道。公司自成立初期已經建立了完善的信貸管理系統,可為客戶提供線上和線下的投融資服務。 我們創建 Zero Finance,立志以靈動丶創新的金融科技跨越現代金融產品和服務上的一切障礙,以西方理性丶務實的管理模式和國際視野整合內地資源,引領中國的金融科技發展邁向國際。 放債人牌照號碼:0433 / 2017 Zero Finance was founded in July 2014, starting as a consumer loan company. We are committed to bring efficient and convenient public access to finance through technological innovation. In the startup stage, the company has already established a solid credit management system to provide online and offline investment and financing services. We created Zero Finance to break barriers of traditional financial products and services with innovative financial technology. We apply western management models and global perspectives to bring China’s financial technology to an international level. Money Lenders Licence:0433 / 2017