Mummy Entrepreneurs What do Yummy Mummy Entrepreneurs do? ~Being there for the kids ~Working your own hours ~Making money ~Creating an amazing lifestyle ~Wellness and health for the whole family ~Making a difference in the world and of course... ~More ‘ME’ time (with all the time saved not commuting)…a girl just has to be pampered every now and then! Most of all, we’re having heaps of fun doing it!! What is a Yummy Mummy Entrepreneur? We are NOT size zero celebrities who get out of limos in their skyscraper high heels, makeup perfect, hair perfect, children in designer clothes, nanny in tow, personal chef at home preparing nutritionally balanced meals, personal trainer….you get the drift! We are real women, with real homes (sometimes very real mess), real kids (yes, they can seem like aliens sometimes), real husbands (believe me the toilet seat left up is real), and real lives!! We are just ordinary mum’s who are doing extraordinary things…no, we are not superwomen but we have found a way to make life work (most of the time!!). We’ve given up our heels for slippers, powersuits for tracksuits and we couldn’t be happier. Yummy Mummy Entrepreneurs come from all different walks of life, our families are different, we have different dreams, goals, lifestyles and purposes. We come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and ages but we all have the desire to want to lead the best life we can for ourselves and our families! Yes, we love being mummies but we also love learning new things, finding things we are good at, running our own business, being our own boss, being healthy and having fun…that’s the ‘yummy’ side. When you join our team you will receive the latest in online and offline methods to building your business. If you are ready to get started in building your dreams, then send me an email today