YTEX High Performance Tennis

YTEX features with top US online retailers: Tennis Warehouse; Tennis Express, Tennis Plaza; Midwest Sports, just to name a few. All our manufacturing is done in the Germany supervised by experts who have been working non-stop for over two decades with “state of the art” development. This has allowed us to create revolutionary processes that are focused on enhancing the performance of all tennis players, such as our Thermo Foil Cooling Process (TFCH) which is a patented technology that heats and cools the string three times and translates into simply THE most comfortable feel there is in the string market today. We pride ourselves on using only the best quality raw materials and having top of the range manufacturing equipment for the production of our strings that represent the greatest VALUE for our customers. YTEX is searching for international distributors. Contact: / US Agent / Rep positions available. Head Office: String Tech Corp. 765 Crandon Blv. Suite 212, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 Join the YTEX family today!